Lotus Stamps – Canada Post


Invited by and teamed up with Kristine Do and Gary Beelik from Parcel Design in Toronto, I was involved in the pitching of Canada Post Annual flower stamps. I depicted the only two existing lotus species on the earth: the sacred lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) and the American lotus (Nelumbo lutea) in different bloom phases and arranged them as a set of connected (se-tenant) stamps. The stamps had spot gloss varnish that revealed my drawings of a Chinese bulbul bird, a koi fish and a dragonfly – creatures that share surroundings with lotuses. Surprisingly it won the heart of the stamp selection committee by quite a majority, a definitive win reported.

Later, Canada Post commissioned me for more watercolor paintings and drawings to complete the whole sets: stamps in booklets of 10, coils of 50, a two-stamp souvenir sheet for collectors, and an Official First Day Cover.

What the client says…

Eunike was great to work with, she was very professional, thorough, and receptive to taking direction as well as offering alternate ideas or suggestions, which made it easy to collaborate with her. The final art turned out beautiful – there was so much detail and texture packed into what was such a small canvas area, and the colours were vibrant! The final art files were set up and delivered so that they were easy to work with as well. Everyone was pleased with the end result!

Kristine Do | Designer | Parcel Design, Toronto, Canada

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