Cuttings of Plant Illustrations – Rathbone Square

These illustrations were created to meet the brief for promotion materials of Rathbone Square. The agency, Heavenly, wrote me a brief for creating four realistic illustrations of four key plants in the Rathbone Square garden. They should be carefully considered to depict a set of cuttings of plant illustrations showing the stems and parts of the twig, as if they were cut from a tree.

I had no privilege to find the specimens and to paint from real observation as I would prefer. As a compensation, I requested good quality photographs showing parts of those plants (flowers, leaves, stem, etc.) clearly to compose my sketches. At the next stage of turning sketches into watercolours paintings, I carefully depicted the lighting effect to make a unified illustration.

What the client says..

Working with Eunike was a designer’s dream; she was totally receptive to the creative brief and worked extremely fast and proficiently. Eunike is total professional and strives to get the best result. We were extremely pleased with the final artworks which achieved remarkably high standards considering the short amount of time allotted to the project. The exceptionally high level of detail and finish really came through; evidence that Eunike put her heart and soul into these amazing works.

Holly Fisher | Creative Services Manager | Heavenly, London, UK

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